Kalamwali.com came into existence as a platform for everyone who enjoys writing. You can simply register/ sign in to get started. Once done so, just go to ‘Kalam-it-down’ and start writing. You can either copy paste a pre written article or type it out right there. Simple editing tools are available to enhance your writing. After finishing the writing part, you can either save and edit it until you are happy with it or publish and share it proudly.

We are a constantly growing online library. If you are an avid reader, you can simply visit the site to read. You need not be a registered member to be a reader here.

Who doesn’t like discussions and debates? We all do! And we all have opinions which we love to voice amidst people, whether like-minded or otherwise. This section enables you to create a forum and to discuss or share your thoughts about varied topics of interest. The categories range from Art and Parenthood to Travel and Books amongst several others. Pick what interests you and let the discussions begin!

Your Profile is your identity on kalamwali.com. Make it interesting. You can also make your time spent on this site more worthwhile by following other members whose work you enjoy reading.

At kalamwali.com, we are dedicatedly inclined to bring out the writer in you. Hence, if you feel you could do with little help, we are at your service. Kalam-o-Assist is our paid service to proof-read, edit or curate your literature before you can publish it.

We believe that nothing should come in your way of sharing your thoughts or literature. If you think your voice will do better justice to your literature, go ahead. Let us experience it. This feature will enable you to upload and share a pre-recorded voice file.

We boast of being a catalyst to brilliance and intellect. How immensely effective would it be then to be visible on our platform. This is how you can do it.

  • Direct Advertisements: For a fixed monthly sum, you could have a pop-up ad on our timeline. With our popular lazy load effect, you are sure to attract attention of our readers.
  • Paid Surveys: Our “Kalam-o-Forums” is an extremely powerful tool to get honest and precise feedback. On a fortnightly or monthly basis, you could conduct a survey through a Forum with up to a hundred registered members.
  • Paid Cover Stories: We at Kalamwali, by nature are storytellers. If you wish to glamorize and promote your journey, let us do it for you. We will do a Cover Story on you and run it on our pages for a fortnight or a month, depending on what you choose. This is sure to bring you popularity, visibility and acknowledgement.
  • E-Publishing: We are working on this. Keep watching this space for more.

Not every job is stressful; not every boss is disapproving and not every team is uncooperative! Allow us to prove it.

  • Kalam-o-Editor: : If you love to read, appreciate genuine literature and are a Grammar Nazi by nature, this post is for you.
  • Techie Kalam: : If technology incites you and you are looking to work in an amusing environment, this post is for you. Your job will be at the back end but you will always Pilot us.
  • Social Kalam: : If you think you could build a career out of spending hours on Social Media, let us bestow you with a cosy set up to do so.

The best way to clutch our attention is to create and carve up some enthralling literature. But for anything else you could reach us here.

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We aren’t like a deck of cards with an ace and a king or a queen. We are a posy of wild flowers, each spreading a unique fragrance, aura and colour. We don’t compete with each other. We shore each other up.

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