• Aditya | 03-Jun-2018
    If you are someone who reads movie reviews, then you must have read this line, “the character is strong yet vulnerable”. I think it is fashionable to use it these days. I get a feeling like people have had this sudden realization about “vulnerability” being an interesting trait, as if people have rediscovered this word and are eager to paste it. I find it cringeworthy. The way it is used and the way it is expressed. It just feels so fake! Of course the character is vulnerable, everyone is? Who isn't? We have been subjected to cinema having characters at the extreme end of the behavioral spectrum for far too long. Ok there have been exceptions but they have been few and far. The 90s had another word, “negative shades”, but back then the majority of movies were so disconnected from reality that it didn’t matter. Vulnerability is natural, I think it neither deserves sympathy nor praise. It reminds me of a rare instance where Rahul Dravid spoke about how inappropria
  • Be that Man!
    Kalamwali | 04-Mar-2016
    So this afternoon, I watched the most coveted movie of 2014, "Mary Kom". Needless to say, an array of emotions ran through me in those two hours and even after that. A Biopic, that too of a sportsperson who has surfaced from that part of the country which most people in our country don't even know exists, is heart wrenching to watch. If I treat it like a movie, yes there is entertainment and drama plus the songs and a brilliant background score. If I treat it like someone's real life, there is so much to learn. So much to be inspired by, take back, ponder upon and apply in life. Yes Mary Kom as a woman should be worshipped in our country, given the way she fulfilled her dream in spite of all the gender biasness, family pressure, hierarchy and ego issues of all those who didn't matter to the sport and motherhood. She defeated all that came in her way with immense bravery. And this will touch any woman's heart who watches the movie. As at some point all of us have in some way let something or someone derail us