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Three things you associate happiness with!

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Jasmine 27-Apr-2018 23:21

rain, cat, baby

Diyaa 18-Apr-2018 14:51

angels my kids painting

Vishakha 11-Mar-2018 13:40

fragrant fresh flowers, pretty birds and being in love.

Dietician 09-Mar-2018 18:55

expressing, dancing and roaming in nature

Jyoti 08-Mar-2018 18:00

Mountains, music and family

the c r y p t i c 08-Mar-2018 16:12

people, rhythm, curiousness

CarrieBradshaw 07-Mar-2018 17:31

Food, Friends, My students

Irinemaria 07-Mar-2018 15:59

Forest,Waterfalls n my room

Salonie 07-Mar-2018 12:30

Chocolates music exercise

Govind Hersal 07-Mar-2018 12:19

Music , writing , yaadein

Rucha Bindu 07-Mar-2018 10:38

Birds chirping, family, doing things you love.

vivek 06-Mar-2018 17:20


Dr H P Shrivastava 06-Mar-2018 16:56

Family meeting, Friends chatting and Helping others

Sana Khan 06-Mar-2018 14:37

Pizza, chocolates, baked white Mac n cheese pasta

Madhura 06-Mar-2018 12:14

Yoga, music, the smile on my son's face

Harsh Thakkar 06-Mar-2018 11:49

Family Friends Cricket

Kalamwali 06-Mar-2018 10:13

Family, Music, Rasgulla

kSameer 06-Mar-2018 09:26

cats, dogs and music
“Today I am going to offend someone, today I am going to write!” - Kalamwali
  • That falling star
    Abhishek Mishra | 27-May-2018
    "There was a certain tranquility in that free-fall of that shooting star; Almost, as if she wanted me to wish for you  to come back, to put the broken pieces together, one more time.
  • Surrender
    Abhishek Mishra | 27-May-2018
    Those glaring stars of the night, Those reluctant sighs of the immense sky That entourage of those tides Resting along the shoreline, We impressions of a tale, Imploring for inception, with the missing protagonist - one who made, that walk indelible, from the evening, that was drafted on white fabric, of my heart, yesterday  
  • Sana Khan | 23-May-2018
    Social media has taken over the minds. People want a happy social life - whether in reality you're happy or not.  Regularly uploading photograhs and waiting for ages for somebody else's approval. Happy were those of previous generations. Those people whose happiness didn't depend on the appraisal of others.  Capturing every minute of life and forgetting to enjoy it , to live it so important to have that virtual life or get back to a real beautiful life is the question...
  • That thing called life!!!
    Jyoti | 23-May-2018
    Life is a very harsh teacher, it takes a test first and then teaches us a lesson which we are very unlikely to forget. What I got to learn in the last couple of years is that life is unpredictable. We all know this but still we keep on procrastinating many things. The people wo died in the morning had plans for the evening and the ones who died in the evening had plans for the next day. We don’t know what will happen next so don’t hold on to grudges, forgive and forget, be kind to everyone and live the moment. Life is too short to be angry. We keep on saying that I will do this thing after that and that thing after this and so on but we don’t know whether that time will come or not. Many a times, we postpone/cancel plans thinking that I will do this later but who knows whether that later will come or not! This lesson is learnt very late in life and then we think of all the things we could have done before. Most of the times we are bitter because life did not go as per our plan/the way we w
  • Aggressive Book Marketing : How much is too much!
    Sujata Rajpal | 20-May-2018
    Last week at the petrol bunk while I leaned against my car, my eyes fixed on the meter as the guy held the nozzle of the tube to my fuel tank, a car stopped in the parallel lane. The lady on the wheel was a well-known corporate trainer who I follow on the social media. Not wanting to let go of the opportunity to meet the woman in person, I walked over to the other side leaving the fuel tank to the honesty of the petrol guy. I peeped into her window and praised her about her thoughtful posts. It was flattering to learn that she knew about my book.   ‘Ok, nice meeting you, Let me know when you are in Mysore next, would love to meet you,’ I said when the guy gestured me to move my car. ‘But you haven’t bought my book.’ Saying this, she took out a book from a bag kept on the passenger seat. ‘Oh I didn’t know you have written a book,’ I said, embarrassed at my ignorance. She threw a smile at me. ‘Now you know.’ Then she gave me a quick gist of th
  • Prashant Trivedi | 13-May-2018
    When you want to talk to someone and you can't is the worst feeling ever..... 'Sometimes it can be dangerous to respect and trust someone' Here is a small story of a boy and was badly restricted to talk to her....... One day a true boy confessed one thing to her and was refused. And she started making him feel that he is guilty and done wrong and a start judging him like a bad person.......... but he was not at all. He respect her very much and cared but still......... And he was restricted to talk to her forever even when he saw her 4-5 times in a week but he can't do nothing because 'he was not a shameless boy and not a misbehaving boy'. 'So never go too deep because it is very hard to come out when you have not done anything wrong with a special person' . Be careful and try not be restricted to talk because once you restricted you cannot do nothing....
  • Sayem Raza | 05-May-2018
    Humans always have a deep unconscious desire of being subjugated - either by a king, a political leader, a spiritial master, a priest or even a God. We are too afraid to take our own responsibility.
  • Sana Khan | 04-May-2018
    Don't you miss yourself sometimes? The old person that used to enjoy, be happy cheerful , full of life? That person got lost , lost in this race.  Discipline has had a huge impact on everyone's life. Not that I don't like discipline but there should be some freedom with it. Everyone is being treated like a machine. No emotions only rat race...... I search for myself sometimes but so many times I get so busy that I forget myself completely:  The old me the lost me......  
  • Seasons
    Jasmine | 27-Apr-2018
    Seasons Let me tell you a rhyme about seasons,Take your favorite decision. Summer is hot…hot…hot…hot,The sun is hotter than a boiling water pot! Monsoon is wet…wet…wet…wet,It is the wettest season I’ve ever met! Winter is cold…harsh and cold,Only shirts, jackets and sweaters are sold! Spring is nice, the flowers bloom,Happiness happiness fills my room! But don’t tease any season, not summer not spring,Love all the seasons for their special thing !!  
  • Siblings- Learning the Art of Trade
    Rucha Bindu | 24-Apr-2018
    What is it like to have a younger sibling? I feel younger siblings were created to take you seriously when you're joking and to joke when you're serious. They were created to irritate every nerve in your body, and to bring you water in bed while you trade something for the future (which you never intend to give.) They were created to lose your favorite little things, and to make you sign that remark in their diary in place of your parents, which they obviously wouldn't approve of. But also to keep your secrets which your parents wouldn't approve of (and you, being the elder one, try to act cool like they already know so that your sibling wouldn't use that as a trade.) My younger sister asks me to decide what I'll be gifting her for her birthday exactly six months prior to it- by the way, my birthday falls in that six months period but who cares, right? But, I don't need to ask. It's already there, the gift that I've always wanted, near my birthday cake, and a shabbily done last minute birthday card with a d
  • Akshay Patil | 18-Apr-2018
    From the last bench in the corner,My eyes kept on...looking at her 👀 Every time she turned around,My heart beat increased its sound ! The sound synced our way to love,Keeping the fragrance as fresh as clove ! Years passed by, one thing led to another,Her heart soured, when she couldn't become a mother ! Solved the puzzle, by adopting a kid,which was merrier;Loosing them both accidentally, was series of sorrow in fourier !
  • My Life And The Hanging Sword
    Diyaa | 18-Apr-2018
    It was scorching hot that day. The summer heat was getting unbearable. I was anyway in pain since a little while and the heat made it even more irritating. My neck and shoulders had been hurting and I was treating it through alternative therapy. Only that day when I was asked to accompany my relative to the doctor I opened up and got my pains checked by a GP. He asked me to get X-Ray's done and couple of others to just to be sure.   I did all of it and forgot about it since it all looked ok to me. I got busy with my family and the long weekend trips. After a week I showed the doc my reports. He didn't like what he saw and asked me do get more tests done to be sure of why did I get such results! I did it and this time showed it to him without any delay. Not that it worried me but I just had that time in hand and wanted to get done with the doctor trips. The other investigation also didn't look fine and so he asked me to be on certain medication and repeat the tests. He alarmed me though that he didn't l