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Three things you associate happiness with!

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Vishakha 11-Mar-2018 13:40

fragrant fresh flowers, pretty birds and being in love.

Dietician 09-Mar-2018 18:55

expressing, dancing and roaming in nature

Jyoti 08-Mar-2018 18:00

Mountains, music and family

the c r y p t i c 08-Mar-2018 16:12

people, rhythm, curiousness

CarrieBradshaw 07-Mar-2018 17:31

Food, Friends, My students

Irinemaria 07-Mar-2018 15:59

Forest,Waterfalls n my room

Salonie 07-Mar-2018 12:30

Chocolates music exercise

Govind Hersal 07-Mar-2018 12:19

Music , writing , yaadein

Rucha Bindu 07-Mar-2018 10:38

Birds chirping, family, doing things you love.

vivek 06-Mar-2018 17:20


Dr H P Shrivastava 06-Mar-2018 16:56

Family meeting, Friends chatting and Helping others

Sana Khan 06-Mar-2018 14:37

Pizza, chocolates, baked white Mac n cheese pasta

Madhura 06-Mar-2018 12:14

Yoga, music, the smile on my son's face

Harsh Thakkar 06-Mar-2018 11:49

Family Friends Cricket

Kalamwali 06-Mar-2018 10:13

Family, Music, Rasgulla

kSameer 06-Mar-2018 09:26

cats, dogs and music
“Today I am going to offend someone, today I am going to write!” - Kalamwali
  • Mitali Bapat | 14-Mar-2018
    » Long
    In moments of quiet solitudeshe pondered, oft aloud,reminiscing about a brighter time,the dazzling lights, an awestruck crowd About those several years and morethat she had given her soul and heart,surrendering all she ever hadto her life's pursuit, her art How vibrant her youth had been,before a shadow age had castand the dancer that she once washad become a memory of the past Now her tranquil eyes concealedremembrance of the bygone yearsletting go of the mask only whenthey welled with those tell-tale tears The once strong and elegant framewas now feeble and fragilebut the wrinkled countenance could not hidethe radiance of an eternal smile Then one day, she heard yet againthe cadence of that familiar beatthe sound that had at one time beenthe language of her adept feet Slowly she rose in submissionknowing this was her only chanceand performed for the very last timewhat became her final dance.
  • The Priceless Crystal
    CarrieBradshaw | 12-Mar-2018
    It’s the thought that counts!! Well, it holds true in every aspect. So today was a usual day at school, Coffee.. Class.. Kids.. Sums up my day in entirety. The last hour of school, I’d a class with my naughty yet adorable second graders. Today’s a cloudy day in Tehuacán, and hence I wasn’t in my best of spirits. ( Cloudy dull weather bums me out) One of my second graders; Valentina came up to me, wrapped her small soft arms around me and said in the sweetest voice ” What happened teacher Manali? ” I bent down to her and said “I just feel upset, I don’t like the gloomy weather ! “, she looked at me for a few moments, probably trying to understand what I had just told her. She smiled at me, and said sit. I was wondering what was going on. As I sat, she removed a little green crystal, the magical green crystal that she carried everyday everywhere with her. She believed the crystal was magical and it could make everyone happy. S
  • Vishakha | 11-Mar-2018
    They say perception can tell whether your glass is half full or empty. It's only the way you are looking at things matter. But that's it , let's be honest. Let's just call things as they are. If you are alone with no job and only tragedies surrounding you then you know your glass isn't just half empty but it's emptying. But if you don't have friends but are happily married you know your glass is going to get full. It is a perception but a perspective of things that has already happened won't change anything especially the future. And that's the truth we have to live with.
  • Happy Women's Day!!!
    Jyoti | 08-Mar-2018
    International Women’s Day is being celebrated today everywhere but is it enough for us females? Women will be made to feel special today, pampered, offered discounts at all the stores and hotels but what after today? I am not against this celebration but I just want women to feel special and safe on all the days and not just one single day! In today’s age, daily we hear and see events which are degrading females, be it at the home front or the workplace. The graph of a women’s life is measured by her marriage, number of kids, her family and not her intelligence, work or promotion. People cannot tolerate women in superior positions and assume that she has used her female powers to reach the position. They cannot believe that she can manage family as well as work both efficiently. Even in the high societies, women are facing these problems. These problems cannot be eradicated until the mindset of our society changes. Even highly educated people can have narrow mindsets and it is very difficu
  • Her
    Rucha Bindu | 08-Mar-2018
    She loved fashion, but in her own fashion. She didn't believe in tight pants But in baggy night pants. She didn't admire light and glamour, But quick wit and humour. Because all the things that touched her heart Had nothing to do with looks. She loved the fragrance of wild flowers And that of old books.
  • Our Bigoted Society
    CarrieBradshaw | 07-Mar-2018
    I live in a world that is governed by the laws of rights and wrongs. Every action is categorized in either of the category, and is binding to each and every individual. From the moment we enter this world, it begins, the teachings of right and wrongs. Our minds are wired to think the way the society wants us to think. Its no different than a herd of goats following one behind the other, blindly. We too, ignorantly,  keep believing and practicing these baseless laws.   There is no freedom to choose what you as an individual perceive to be right or wrong. I wonder sometimes where it all came from, who actually got to decide whether something is right or wrong. Why does someone else get to decide for me? So many of us fear to make choices, because we’re blinded by the society’s bifurcation of deeds.   The freedom to finding my love is trapped by society’s norms. It doesn’t matter if I love him unconditionally, it’s wrong in the self-proclaimed Jury’s (the so
  • Panchi poems
    Govind Hersal | 07-Mar-2018
    Kyun tum itna yaad aate ho  Kyun aankhe nam kar jaate ho  Kyun alfaaz roj naye de jaate ho  Kyun sawaal baaki chod jaate ho 
  • Govind Hersal | 07-Mar-2018
    मेरे हानियां तुम बस मेरी  कहानियों में सिमट गए हो ।
  • Rang barasne do - don't let the colours go out of your life
    Dietician | 06-Mar-2018
    Hola , another day of colours is here  rangpanchami .  Colours are so much fun. In this life of stress colours in our environment soothe just like antioxidants do in food. Antioxidants are a necessity in the 21st century. we are not metals to rust then why do we need antioxidants ? But we are humans exposed to pollution, global warming , U.V. rays and blah blah. With my favourite question NOW WHAT ? The answer is simple colours. In case of foods we find maximum amount of colours in fruits and vegetables. But I don’t like to , I cant afford  for all the people with such excuses the answer is simple do you like medicines , are all the medicines so cheap ? In vegetables also each colour has its own importance: Red colour fruits and veggeis-   carotene, vitamin a , lycopene. Yellow colour fruits and veggeis- vitamin c, flavonoids Red grapes , pomegranate- resveratrol Green leafy vegetables- carotenoid lutein White colour vegetables, mushroom – poly phenols Blue and p
  • his heart to your heart
    Shrutishrutii | 05-Mar-2018
    What could it be that could possibly hurt you? Not her absence. Not her ignorance But your inability to make her feel loved when you think that you have loved her your best.   -Shruti.k
  • ignorance
    Shrutishrutii | 05-Mar-2018
    There was this toxicity in the air around us that night, Your numbness, I wish i hadn't noticed. My tenderness you wish, you hadn't ignored.   -shruti.k          
  • yours unopened book
    Shrutishrutii | 05-Mar-2018
    To feel something inexplicably NICE, you need to see beyond your perception Analyse the unseen!   There is a lot to you that is me!!  But there is a lot to me that isn't you. You are a mystery of an unread book.. You are a lost page with no page number.. Hard to find, which would make me curious all the time. I'd write to reach you. I'd be you, to feel what it's like to be an unread book.