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Three things you associate happiness with!

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Diyaa 18-Apr-2018 14:51

angels my kids painting

Vishakha 11-Mar-2018 13:40

fragrant fresh flowers, pretty birds and being in love.

Dietician 09-Mar-2018 18:55

expressing, dancing and roaming in nature

Jyoti 08-Mar-2018 18:00

Mountains, music and family

the c r y p t i c 08-Mar-2018 16:12

people, rhythm, curiousness

CarrieBradshaw 07-Mar-2018 17:31

Food, Friends, My students

Irinemaria 07-Mar-2018 15:59

Forest,Waterfalls n my room

Salonie 07-Mar-2018 12:30

Chocolates music exercise

Govind Hersal 07-Mar-2018 12:19

Music , writing , yaadein

Rucha Bindu 07-Mar-2018 10:38

Birds chirping, family, doing things you love.

vivek 06-Mar-2018 17:20


Dr H P Shrivastava 06-Mar-2018 16:56

Family meeting, Friends chatting and Helping others

Sana Khan 06-Mar-2018 14:37

Pizza, chocolates, baked white Mac n cheese pasta

Madhura 06-Mar-2018 12:14

Yoga, music, the smile on my son's face

Harsh Thakkar 06-Mar-2018 11:49

Family Friends Cricket

Kalamwali 06-Mar-2018 10:13

Family, Music, Rasgulla

kSameer 06-Mar-2018 09:26

cats, dogs and music
“Today I am going to offend someone, today I am going to write!” - Kalamwali
  • Akshay Patil | 18-Apr-2018
    From the last bench in the corner,My eyes kept on...looking at her 👀 Every time she turned around,My heart beat increased its sound ! The sound synced our way to love,Keeping the fragrance as fresh as clove ! Years passed by, one thing led to another,Her heart soured, when she couldn't become a mother ! Solved the puzzle, by adopting a kid,which was merrier;Loosing them both accidentally, was series of sorrow in fourier !
  • My Life And The Hanging Sword
    Diyaa | 18-Apr-2018
    It was scorching hot that day. The summer heat was getting unbearable. I was anyway in pain since a little while and the heat made it even more irritating. My neck and shoulders had been hurting and I was treating it through alternative therapy. Only that day when I was asked to accompany my relative to the doctor I opened up and got my pains checked by a GP. He asked me to get X-Ray's done and couple of others to just to be sure.   I did all of it and forgot about it since it all looked ok to me. I got busy with my family and the long weekend trips. After a week I showed the doc my reports. He didn't like what he saw and asked me do get more tests done to be sure of why did I get such results! I did it and this time showed it to him without any delay. Not that it worried me but I just had that time in hand and wanted to get done with the doctor trips. The other investigation also didn't look fine and so he asked me to be on certain medication and repeat the tests. He alarmed me though that he didn't l
  • Be Kind
    nehapanchamiya | 17-Apr-2018
    You think they're only animals. You believe they don't feel love and pain like us.     The love they share, is real.  The pain of separation they feel, is real.    Be kind.
  • No regrets. Just numb.
    nehapanchamiya | 17-Apr-2018
    To watch a life leave its body at a time in moment that you determined, is numbing.   To watch a life become lifeless and be carried for burial knowing you were part of the call, is numbing.    To know that you will go back tomorrow and have to make similar decisions again, is numbing.    Numbing, because you cannot be allowed to feel a thing...because if I cry right now, I will not stop, and then how I will I make the right decisions tomorrow again?    For whoever said working with animals is so much fun and called me lucky for being able to follow my passion, days like today, make me want to scowl at them and offer them to wear my shoes, on a day like today.    No regrets. Just numb. 
  • Justice
    CarrieBradshaw | 15-Apr-2018
    In our country, Justice is too much to ask for. Murderers get bail, Corrupt officials rule this nation, Rapists are protected by the government, roaming scot-free on our streets, and Common man lives imprisoned in FEAR each day. The life of a common man is worth NOTHING AT ALL! I am disgusted by the recent news updates : Asifa Gangrape and Murder case Unnao Rape Case Nisha Rape and Murder Case And so many more that don’t reach the news, or even the police station. These horrendous crimes seem to be just getting worst and happening even more frequently.   THE LAW, THE GOVERNMENT, THE POLICE, everyone has failed our country. They can’t protect our women, They can’t even serve justice,all they can do is fill their bloody pockets with money and screw our country. Seems like we the people of the country must protect ourselves. No one needs to fear the law, because clearly there is NO BLOODY DAMN LAW, because if there was, then these monstrous demons would be dead by now.
  • Diyaa | 14-Apr-2018
    » Long
    since we are celebrating national siblings day here.. it bought me back to a piece i had written about my little brother....    Straight from my heart I write you a little poetry In simple and thoughtful words Carefully compiled for you my baby!   I can never forget those days When you took up all the beatings, And my share too, Not too late you took your revenge This time you left a permanent scar And made my pinky nose blue!   There were times you embarrassed me By getting naughty in your class I would be called by your teachers often For being your older sister And without me knowing they would never let it pass   The saddest moments in my life Were also given by you, When you ran on the street after a ball And got hit by car For the first time I realized what it would be like to lose you   The phase when you grew older and mature You gave me the best advices Even so far as to choosing my life partner Because you wanted to see me in safer hands for
  • Sana Khan | 14-Apr-2018
    Minutes to months to years all pass and we are left with routine. We have tied ourselves to the same system that has been going on for years. No time for emotions, expression or enjoyment. First comes school then high school then graduation. As soon as graduation is over placement and job. A 9 - 6:30 routine and deadlines . Life is loaded with frustration. Nobody finds the time to realize what they really like. No time to think. Just do what everyone does. Same struggle for everyone rich or poor. Those who choose to lay back and relax are pressurized by their peers to get into competition this is a never ending cycle that goes on generation to generation.  We have become like robots , we want to achieve everything within a given time limit , no place for parents or other emotions. Where's life? It's left out somewhere between routine and the genius human brain...
  • Sana Khan | 14-Apr-2018
    Here's a quick advice to keep yourself hydrated in this scorching summer. 1) Drink plenty of water - try having detox  water - add some mint leaves , cucumber and lemon in your detox water. 2) Have plenty of fresh fruits such as musk melon , water melon. 3) Eat at regular intervals but remember eating light stuff is important don't binge or crave for pasta and pizza.  Now for maintaining the skin - use cleanser toner moisturizer and remember to apply sunscreen whenever you step outside the house.   Urinary tract infection is quite common so ensure that you drink plenty of water.   Keep workouts a little light during summer as we all sweat profusely at this time of the year. That's it for summer. Enjoy vacations with family have fun.       
  • The Real Win!!
    Digvita Shah | 07-Apr-2018
    It's not about being a stealer or robber, but about earning someone!! It's not about being a beggar, but about affording and being worthy of someone!! It's not about being a refugee to feelings, but about standing by it!! It's not about being comparative, but about being a valuable contender!! It's not about being an option, but about being someone's final choice!!
  • कीमत
    Aditya | 05-Apr-2018
    मेरे इर्दगिर्द आज क्या है, कुछ कीमती औज़ार है, जो बेजान सही... कल कुछ चंद इंसान भी थे, पर उनकी जान मेरे लिए कीमती न थी..!
  • The Blue Car!
    CarrieBradshaw | 04-Apr-2018
    It was a beautiful Saturday, When I first met this pretty boy, I was the morning cliché, He was agog and full of joy.   I kept fazing from afar, My cheeks turning blush, Soon he left in his blue car, I stood there, feeling the happy gush.   I was amazed at my emotions, A stranger just made my day? My insides in total commotion, How did I go from Duh! to YAY?   We rendezvoused more frequent, And each time, I’d be happier than before, Our relationship came to cement, But me; Insatiable evermore.   I quickly run up to my window, Each time I hear a car pass by, It ain’t him, I hope it were though, And I stand there, gazing into the sky.   My heart skips a beat, A blue car each time I see, I can’t help but peep at the seat, Hoping to see my bundle of glee.   He is my happiness ka pitara, My 4 year old amigo, Meri aankho ka taara, Who can instantly make me glow.
  • "HOW" part of life...
    Aditya | 30-Mar-2018
    Yet another case where test cricket is a reflection of life. If we can learn something from the Newlands ball tampering episode, it is the “how” part of doing things. Be it business or a sport, in every walk of life we want to win. But it is of utmost importance as to “how” we win. Is winning at all cost that important and is it really that rewarding? The answer is all over the media. People over the years have sidelined core values in pursuit of business excellence. Is business excellence only to do with financial gains? Or is it also about earning and preserving pride?  I have seen a lot of people in my previous organization coming from various backgrounds and cultures trying to infuse their individual ideas into the big picture. Diversity is important, innovation is appreciated, but it is not smart to play with core values which are acquired and established over a long journey, these values did not fall into the laps of the founders, these are hard earned..! And in the case of