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Three things I would do differently, if I could become a child again!

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Sana Khan 13-Nov-2017 14:27

Be more mischievous; play more; participate in several activities; get wet in the rain and play in puddles :D

Rucha Bindu 12-Nov-2017 20:02

Do more of letting go of the pain, counting the gain and dancing in the rain! :)

Satyajit Limaye 07-Nov-2017 15:37

Learn an instrument, be more confident,

Jyoti 07-Nov-2017 10:21

I would play a sport, be more confident and outspoken

Shweta Kulkarni 07-Nov-2017 00:39

Would be less shy and enjoy the childhood never as before ;)

Dietician 06-Nov-2017 22:29

Play more absorb more and cherish more

Dr H P Shrivastava 06-Nov-2017 14:08

I could have participated in drama and play vigorously in cricket and be an expert swimmer

Kalamwali 06-Nov-2017 12:53

I would play a Sport, Read more books, Think more seriously about what I would want to grow up to be!!

Tanuja 06-Nov-2017 12:49

Persistent, ambitious, focused

Meghna Desai 06-Nov-2017 12:39

Honestly every mistake and wrong decision I took as a child brought me where I am today :) but if I had to change something it would be a) not being afraid of dogs seems petty now. b) to be more adventurous, never snuck about or broke any rules!!! c) kept in touch with all the many friends I made

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