We won.., for now..!

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Updated 10:38 IST May 20, 2019

We played our part, the LS elections are done with and in another 3 days we will know who “represents” us. I dare say that the level of our involvement has been unprecedented, thanks to social media and various other means of mass communication. The process was absorbing and although very bitter, it bought to our attention a lot of issues that otherwise remain dormant behind the facade of fake harmony.  

I neither see the PM and his set of ministers as my servants nor as my kings. They are one of us, neither above nor below us. If the intelligent, liberal people feel they can order around with a smug superiority and sarcasm, they are wrong. If the blind believers feel they should worship their hero and follow like a herd of sheep, they are wrong. If the elite feel the value of their vote is higher and the elected representative means nothing, they are wrong. If the masses feel that sheer majority itself means their collective opinion is right, they are wrong. Democracy neither works on assumed superiority and weighted averages nor on absolute numbers. It has a place for every voice, whether in cognizance with the popular narrative or the voice of dissent.

What democracy does not allow is disruption. Disruption and dissent are different. Dissent is when an alternative thought is put up, to challenge the popular theory, in order to “improve” the evolution. Disruption is an activity to bring about chaos, anger and confusion in the system in order to “halt” the evolution. The exit polls almost speak in unison and we will know if they are right in another three days. What we already know is that democracy has defeated disruption and that makes me feel a lot more positive, for now!

In hindsight, most of us will agree that the level of bitterness has been at an all time high. Whether we like it or not, the game of thrones do unleash the inner selves of those who contest, the masks are thrown away. We know who is working for the larger good, who is having an authentic counter question and who are those few who at any cost wish to bring about disruption. We know how much value to be assigned to these people and their nefarious intent. While most of us will get back to work and shall strive to put our little contribution to better our own lives and that of society, these disrupters shall continue to do what they do. It is important that as aware citizen we are able to identify and segregate them, and once we do that, ignore them.

For all those who are in favour of the party predicted to win, it is time we accept that they are not “perfect”. The ideology needs a lot of ironing, there are flaws and denial isn’t going to help. If they wish to truly represent a broader section of society then they will have to tone down part of their narrative. Make corrective actions where they are wrong and build on things they have done right. If they do not, they will only be helping the disrupters in their cause.

For all those against the party predicted to win, it is time they accept the fact that there is a large section of society who endorse the views, it is time to accept that not all of them are blind believers. If they wish to truly represent a broader section of society then they have to accept that their voice, their alternate version did not reach, the tone was inappropriate, it simply did not appeal. Mocking the majority was a bad idea. If they remain in denial then they empower their counterpart and reduce the pressure on them to tone down. By doing that they once again end up helping the disrupters.  

Difference of opinion shall remain, diverse perspectives shall remain and that’s the beauty of being in a society. Else we would have been a solitary, hunter-gatherer species. We have come a long way from that. If we wish to preserve what we enjoy then we must drop the tools of disruption and work for the greater good. Let us work, talk, argue, and laugh together, laughter is good, but not at the cost of someone’s pain or tear. Let us do our best to make this a liveable place, a happier place.

See you around.

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