The Paramour (Part 4)

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Updated 00:58 IST Dec 01, 2017

Who is Kate Moreau?  Is she a TRIAD monitor? Clones? Rebecca the owner?  So many questions, but the wait is now over. Here are the answers, and the last part of the story.




Kate Moreau, 23,  Evolution Development Biologist. That’s who she is, with a PhD in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology, she has been the head scientist at TRIAD. The business firm was just the front, and she was assigned as Neal’s monitor. Eventually they fell in love, but she had to continue performing her duties towards TRIAD.


Rebecca Lowe, the owner of TRIAD had assigned her to be his monitor. Kate didn’t realize when her charade turned into reality and she really fell in love with Neal. She was trapped, neither could she leave TRIAD, nor could she tell Neal the truth as she was bound by a contract.



Neal on the other hand was still in shock at what had recently unfolded before him. He was furious and hurt both, and decided to confront Kate. He drove back to Kate’s and barged into the house  angrily. Kate was surprised, wondering what was wrong. He held her tightly my her hand and asked her “What the hell is TRIAD, and WHO the hell are you ? ”


Kate knew she was exposed and there was no running away from the situation. She hugged Neal and said  ” Before I tell you anything , I need you to know that I Love You and I hid this truth from you for your own safety! ” TRIAD is what’s ruling our lives and controlling everything that happens in our lives. TRIAD is what created you. There are so many of you, each one is appointed a monitor who is someone from their close circle and the subjects (clones)  are completely unaware. I was hired to be your monitor, but playing the charade of being your romantic interest , I didn’t realize when I fell for you.  I was bound by a contract, and I had no choice but to hide my identity from you. ”


Her eyes welled up and her voice breaking. She looked at him apologetically and said ” Please forgive me. There was nothing I could do” Neal pulled her in his arms and let out a sigh, at least she really loved him. He didn’t know how he could find a solution to the problem. He had to save not only his own, but each of his brother’s / clones. Suddenly she looked up in curiosity and asked ” How did you know? TRIAD makes sure that there’s no way a clone would ever know they’re one. ”

“Felix told me” Neal replied.   She stood up startled ” WHHAT? FELIX? HE IS HERE? ALL OF TRIAD IS HUNTING FOR HIM. IF HE IS HERE, HE IS TOTALLY UNSAFE” Neal was startled, he was about to call Felix, when he heard a loud desperate knock on the door. He rushed to open and saw Felix panting and his face all pale. Neal pulled Felix in and slammed the door behind.  It all began making sense now to Neal, but they were far in too deep and there didn’t seem anyway out of this. Felix broke the silence,” They found me, I won’t be able to hide any longer. We need to find a way out” Everyone looked at each other and silence filled the hall.


Felix broke the silence and said  ” I have a plan to save each one of us, and get rid of TRIAD forever”. Kate and Neal both looked at him in curiosity, wondering if that was even possible. ” Okayyy.. What is it.. spill it already” said Kate restlessly! Felix cleared his throat and said in a stern voice ” Sometimes we have to lose a few things to gain a few things… My plan will work if you’re ready to lose everything that you have to gain your freedom”  Completely blank about what Felix was speaking they nodded, and asked him to continue.  He went on and shared his master plan with both.


Rebecca’s phone rang loudly, breaking her sleep. She woke up angrily and answered ” You ruined my sleep, this better be good or else you’re fired”  she said. “I’ve found Felix Dawkins” said a voice over the phone.  Rebecca’s eyes lit up, ” That’s what I like to hear Kate , I want to see him first thing in the morning. Bring him into TRIAD” she said and hung up. (Yeah!!!you guessed it right.. It was Kate Moreau)




Neal was showering and Felix was making breakfast in the kitchen.  Kate hurried downstairs and stabbed Felix with a needle.  As soon as he was pricked, he lost consciousness. Kate dragged him into the car and revved the engine to TRIAD. Rebecca was waiting at TRIAD for their arrival. Kate took Felix to Rebecca’s office and told her he was unconscious as she had dosed him with a sedative. Rebecca decided that he would be held  in TRIAD itself and won’t be let out again. She ordered that he be moved to the Vault immediately. Soon Felix was taken into the Vault and locked up. Kate got back into her car, and left for home to go to Neal. She had just exited the gates of TRIAD and was barely a few hundred meters away when she heard a loud bang. She pushed the brakes and the car stopped as the tires screeched. As she turned around, she saw TRIAD blow up in smoke!


Everything was finished. The once majestic building was down in ashes. Not a single person survived. Everything around was shattered. All data gone, Rebecca Lowe gone, TRIAD Scientists gone.. It was OVER! Yes, In one go, Felix destroyed TRIAD and everything related. The entire fiasco was pre-planned.


Kate calling Rebecca and handing Felix over, it was all  a part of Felix’ master plan. The needle was filled with saline water, and Kate only pretended to prick Felix with it. Felix continued with the charade of falling unconscious and being dragged into the car. Inside the car, he replaced himself with a dummy that had explosives inside. Luckily Rebecca, seeing him unconscious asked for him to be transferred to the vault immediately. What was transferred to the vault was not Felix, but just a dummy full of explosives. With the press of a button, the building blew up and the trio saved all the other clones too from the cruelty of TRIAD.


Soon after the incident, all 3 of them changed identities and left New York forever. They moved to a new place with new identities and settled down. Kate started working with an IVF Center,  while Neal together with Felix opened up a new restaurant. Their lives were settled, simple and free. Finally Kate and Neal got married, and Neal said to her ” YES, I LOVE YOU”, the answer to her long forgotten question.



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