The Paramour (Part 3)

By Manali Jobanputra in Stories » Fiction
Updated 00:55 IST Dec 01, 2017

Before the taxi could come to a complete halt, Neal swung open the door and jumped off towards the park gate. He rushed inside and started looking for Felix and his son Theodore. Far away under a huge tree, he spotted his son Theo sitting on a bench eating candy floss, and Felix sitting next to him.


He was astonished to see that Felix resembled him exactly. He lifted Theo in his arms and hugged him. He looked at Felix half angry and half confused and said ” What do you want?”  Felix looked at him helplessly and said  “Sir, I am really sorry for doing this but I needed your help to solve a huge problem”


Even though Neal was angry, he could see the honesty in Felix‘ eyes and thus chose to at least listen to him. He was also curious to ask how they both resembled each other.  He asked Felix to meet him at the same place after an hour as he wanted to go home and drop off Theo home safely.


An hour later :


Neal returned to meet Felix at the park. He walked up to him and said sternly  “I want answers! WHO ARE YOU? WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME? WHY DID YOU KIDNAP MY SON?” Felix got anxious but managed to keep his calm and said ” Sir please give me a chance to explain, listen to me”


He sat Neal down and removed a few photographs and showed them to him. Neal was bemused beyond what words can describe. The photographs fell off his hands, and he turned towards Felix, in hope of an answer.



 James Maine

 Nick Halden

 Victor Moreau

 Benjamin Gates

 Felix Dawkins

 Neal Caffrey


Felix then said  “We are Clones, and there are many more. We’re 100 in all, in different parts of the world. We’re all a part of a huge experiment an a conspiracy and I wanted to talk about the same. This is bigger than just you and me.  We’re all a property of TRIAD – A Biotechnology company owned by Neolutionists. We’re a result of the cloning experiment they performed.”


With every word Felix said, Neal’s confusion and anxiety levels hit even higher. He still didn’t understand what was going on.  Frustrated with the events he said ” Who the hell are Neolutionists ? And What the Fuck is TRIAD? What on earth is going on”


Felix asked him to relax and said ” There’s a lot more sir, you can’t lose your calm please. You are the only one who can help us.” Neal, trying to maintain his calm, said “Go ahead, tell me more.”  Felix, hesitant and anxious, managed to say ” Sir, your wife Rebacca Lowe is the Owner and Founder of TRIAD, and your girlfriend Kate Moreau is your monitor. All clones have a monitor, they are disguised as our friends/family etc. They monitor our health activities and report it to TRIAD.”


 Kate Moreau ( The face most readers have been waiting to see..!!)


It all seemed to be a nightmare to Neal. He couldn’t believe what he heard, about clones, about Neolution, About TRIAD, about his wife Rebecca and his love Kate. He just sat there in shock, as his world came to a standstill.


To Be Continued.

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