The honeybee and the hole

By Aditya in Experiences
Updated 16:00 IST Apr 07, 2017

Youth Hostel Dharamshala is a small run down place, just about adequate to spend the night for backpackers. I was sitting by the big glass window in the small dining room. Across the room in another corner was Jared, the Aussie who shared my dorm-room. He was quite and not in a mood for conversation. Day 2 was not particularly good for the Aussies and day 3 didn’t look promising either. Mr. Khanna the caretaker was busy making omelettes for us.

As I was idling, I started observing a honey bee. The poor thing was trapped inside and couldn’t find the way out. I believe it was able to see most of the things I saw, the trees, the adjacent house and of course the snow peaked mountains. It was so desperate to get out that it kept bumping on to the glass every now and then. It would fly a bit and make an attempt to escape to find itself bumping in to the glass over and over again.  

The omelettes arrived and I was lost in feeding myself. Food inside the stadium was not a very promising affair so I wanted to stuff myself to last the day. Jared did the same. Every now and then the bee would buzz past my head and I would evade, just like Pujara evades the Cummins bouncer. I was about to finish my breakfast and casually looked towards the window. There it was, a hole, right at the bottom, in plane sight. More than sufficient for the bee to pass. Sufficient for a bee with an omelette inside.

I laughed and wondered why the bee didn’t see it? It was right there, just use the goddamned exit and go! It was so obvious, to me. Unfortunately it wasn’t so obvious for the bee. It would not have struggled had it knew the way out. I took a news paper and tried to direct it to the hole and soon realized that it was a hopeless attempt. I wanted to show it the path, but the bee felt threatened and kept flying in the opposite direction. Silly, dumb, I thought.

So am I, silly and dumb, I guess. The hole in the glass is just there, somewhere, very close, but I can’t see it. Maybe other people around me see it and laugh at me. For it is so obvious for them. Damn it, I can’t find it. I just keep bumping on the glass, just like the honey bee. Ridiculous. I laughed again.

Jared and me walked to the stadium together, it took us twenty odd minutes to reach. I wished him well, knowing all along that India would sail through. Jared inquired what was it that made me laugh, he had noticed. I told him about the bee. He waved his hand and told me about Smithy and Warny meeting His Holiness Dalai Lama for anger management. He told me about his month long exploration in India. “No different mate, we are all bees, trying to find our way out!”.

We won the Dharmshala test on day 4 and regained the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Smithy, Warny and Jared headed elsewhere just like me, in pursuit of the exit…    

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Aditya 04-Apr-2018 11:57

Coincidence or karma that I mentioned Smithy and Warny? Dear oh dear, this is not the exit you sought, did you?