Being accountable

By Aditya in Experiences
Updated 11:42 IST Feb 16, 2018

Few days back, two friends were sitting in the door steps of a small restaurant late at night having conversation when a group of drunk men approached and got into an argument. The drunk bullies were so determined to prove their (assumed) superiority that they attacked the two and ended up killing one of them. Such incident are unfortunately becoming commonplace, be it a case of drunk bully or a case of road rage bully or some other form of aggression.

A few days later, some of our leading news journals used this headline on their front pages, “Youth from ABC caste killed in XYZ city”. Is it not horrifying enough that a human being lost his life due to an extreme form of bulling? Why label him? He could have been anyone, Dalit, Yadav, Bramhin, Muslim, Christian, from any religion or race or ethnicity. He could have been you or me! Are the sensibilities of those in the media compromised to such an extreme level of sensational opportunism? As always the news had the desired (?!) effect and the city saw a wave of communal rioting and bullying resulting in further loss of life and property.

It is bad enough that a large section of society do not understand and/or acknowledge bullying, forget doing something about it. The least we can do is at least voice it correctly. The reason I write this in this forum is because I feel we are all aspiring writers, we may not end up as journalists (and we don’t have to), but whatever form of writing we take up, let us keep this in mind that we remain responsible for our work, that we do not misrepresent, distort and under the guise of being creative end up bullying or hurting sentiments. The world needs writers and artists at large who spread happiness and positivity, there is no dearth of hate mongers.

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