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By Aditya in Daily Musings
Updated 11:05 IST Feb 17, 2019

When Karan returns to Delhi, embarrassed, shameful and possibly looking for an assurance, Romila shames him further and turns away. Mr. Shergill follows suite and a devastated Karan returns to IMA to “earn his worth”. He does! Only after going through a period of shaping, as brutal as a cast iron furnace. He returns home as a war hero and then and only then does he find solace in Romila’s arms.

We have all celebrated this coming of age narrative along with the popular theory being fed to us all the time that, one has to “earn” the love, not just “yearn” for it. And I dare say that this earning part is largely assigned to the man. I am not finding faults, from Romila’s perspective she was possibly right, how can she respect a man who does not respect himself? Probably she deliberately made him go through the grind, she did not mind that while doing so, she made herself into a trophy to be earned. She did all that possibly because she cared and had his best interest at heart.

But what if Karan had failed? What if even after the second attempt he could not bear the excruciating rituals of the IMA? What if he bowed out and joined his father’s business? What if it was his destiny to be constantly compared to Udesh? Then was he not worth it? Does that make him a lesser man, undeserving of love? Or does Karan remain the simple sweet person at heart, free of “malice”and hence worthy of love despite his achievements?


Meanwhile, Murad struggles through his routine, balancing his love for poetry with his worldly duties of earning his graduation, supporting his father and being a tolerant self in a largely intolerant society. At the core of it, he is exactly the same, a simple, gentle human with a stable heart and possibly messed up brain but one which has no malice, much like Karan. The difference here is, he is secure, because a certain Safeena, equally messed up but sharing a common wavelength loves him despite his achievements. She loves Murad and not necessarily the celebrated rapper he emerges into. She was there since school, she remained alongside when he was scrapping through and in all likelihood she will continue to be there when his expressions find the resonance from across.

People ask what has Murad done to deserve her fierce possessiveness? Why does Safeena “get over” his mistake and pull him back in her arms? Hello.., she never pulled him back friends, she didn’t let go in the first place. Her love was not subject to his achievements or his mistakes, her love was subject to her “need” which was equal to his. Their need was mutual and perpetual. Unlike in the case of Karan and Romila, where Romila had her goals firmly in sight, her need for Karan (if any) came much later. Again please don’t misunderstand, I am not criticizing. Those were her set of values and she had every right to think and act along those lines.


The question is how many of us are “truly” Karans and Romilas and how many of us are Murads and Safeenas? I have no statistic off hand but I feel the percentage of the later outweighs the former. So then what is better? To put conditions to a person's existence or love him/her the way he/she is and grow together?


The intensity and longevity of love depends on the need of the individuals making the couple. In Safeena’s case, she saw in Murad an unsure gentleman who was trying to find his footing in a brutal world but one who had the senses to identify the right and wrong set of values. She needed him to pull her out of her shackles. As for Murad, he saw in Safeena a women who is ambitious but not someone who would judge him for his, and certainly not someone who would let go of him in pursuit of her own.

I like it the old fashioned way, I like those love stories which end with, “and they lived happily ever after”. Gentlemen go find your Safeena, ladies go look for your Murad and once you find them, better hold on, their ain’t too many coming your way.

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