Meghna Desai

  • Meghna Desai | 07-Apr-2017
    The word 'rant' piqued my interest. Could I actually put all the static and chatter going on in my head day in and day out into a coherent thought?What we say and what we actually do are sometimes in complete and utter contrast, the same is true for what we preach and what we inturn expect.My little one soon turns 3 and also starts school, jury is out if I am elated to get some free time or if cutting the cord is going to throw me into depression. She's already this socially aware , happy and talkative child and inquisitive to a T. She learns faster than we can teach her and I love that her innocence has kept her honest. She is honest, which is what we have been trying to imbibe in her a anyways....... But that , with the terrible twos making an appearance means a very defiant and honest "No" overshadows every conversation, opinion and requirement. Can't really blame her it's the word most used around her and with it the annoyed exasperated tone wherein the 'N' is followed by a long ooooooo a few exclamation​
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