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    Kiran Sharda | 15-Dec-2016
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    How beautiful it is when we are together, No matter how ugly is the weather, I still remember that one morning, You woke me up, kissed me while I was yawning, Kissed my forehead and held my hand, Promised me to be forever my best friend. Suddenly, your phone rang and eyes turned brave, I knew, That's another war And it's time to wave! As I promised, I left you with smile and cheers, But, here is the untold story of my tears.. It has been an hour you shut your phone, And I am trying to keep myself in happier zone, Yes, you'll surely be back in some time, But, without you there's not any chime, I am still brave, It's just the woo, Or may be it's about the days without you! And the first day began it's journey, It's not me who is so yearny, It's my cellphone waiting for the replies, It's my stomach wanting some butterflies, It's my brain needing something more interesting Than you, which can be distracting, Well, It's the begining and they can't forget the coo, Or It's all about the days without you. And it
    Kiran Sharda | 25-Dec-2016
    I was standing and wondering... People say life is beautiful, People argue that one should always be happy,one should be satisfied,one should be in peace.... I was standing and wondering... Life is beautiful but not for everyone; It is not a choice,it is not an option, It is not mandatory that every one in the shebang feels comfortable... I was standing and wondering... How can life be glorious for the people who don't have even food to eat,watch to see time,comb to make hair,shoes to cover legs,cloth to shelter one self,bottle to store water,home to live in,people to talk with,friends to hang out,medicines to get well and so on... It is easy to say life is easy!! But I found not Everbody have the power to see through it, Not everybody can carry happiness even in pain, Not evrybody can give up the truth, Not everybody is YOU...Not everybody is ME!
  • Kiran Sharda | 01-Feb-2018
    They say run, it's a race I dont even know where am I standing.. They say they have been betrayed I dont even know what trust seems like... They say they lost a promotion I dont even know what my position is... They say they dream to live their dream I dont even know what imagination is... They say they recovered from depression I dont even know what tension feels like... They say they will win some day I dont even know what competition I am into.. I cant say I have faced a lot.. I cant say I have accomplished a lot.. All i can say is.. I AM LOST ALOT!
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