Harsh Thakkar

  • Harsh Thakkar | 30-Aug-2016
    We all have heard about the children being pampered and as a result often criticised for their misbehaviour. There is no denial that parents love their children but excess of anything is detrimental (even love is not sparred). Then does vice-a-versa hold  true ?? To say a  child very caring ,obedient, loving towards his/her parents unknowingly starts building an expectation through his/ her behaviour that the child will always honur the wishes laid before him. He/she are suppose to go by the rules. I dont deny the understanding parents have towards their children but at times a small act or a small incident is enought to curtail the independence of the child. So wouldn't it be better to be assertive in front of your parents even at times this might lead to conflict of ideas or being at two ends of the rope rather than acceping what has been told. to be contd.....
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