Digvita Shah

Someone who enjoys interacting and meeting new people with the passion for always doing something creative to make a difference in my small way. In expressing through words and making others happy makes me joyous.:)
  • Seeking Peace
    Digvita Shah | 16-Jan-2018
    Walking by the shore, the tsunami of his emotions: floated peacefully!!! -Digvita Shah
  • Digvita Shah | 28-Jan-2018
    » Long
    Crossing the timeline of my life.. I saw my dad's perspiration.. My mom's inundated determination.. My strong self motivation..   Though near and dear ones posed interogatory questions.. We considered those only as notions.. To keep ourselves always in motion..   Until, I kept wondering.. What kept me bothering? Unsuccessful attempts.. Or unheard requests.. The entire process.. Or lack of progress..   Am I complaining? No! I have ended up comparing.. Is it lack of daring? Or is it scaring? No! Just wish to know.. What each one is aspiring for.. While looking out for pairing..   Are rejections on my mind? No. But, unestablished connections surely are.. Am I being pessimistic? No. Just a little realistic..   This is all a test of time.. But, never treat it as pastime.. Yes, it's a decision lasting for a lifetime.. Which surely needs everyone's dedication full-time..   Is it just an interpretation? Why am I carving such an impression? No! It's a c
  • The Real Win!!
    Digvita Shah | 07-Apr-2018
    It's not about being a stealer or robber, but about earning someone!! It's not about being a beggar, but about affording and being worthy of someone!! It's not about being a refugee to feelings, but about standing by it!! It's not about being comparative, but about being a valuable contender!! It's not about being an option, but about being someone's final choice!!
  • A Walk to Remember
    Digvita Shah | 23-Sep-2018
    Yesteryears hand held for the first time to holding the hand with sonsome else today! Years of living with them as mains; priority swaps at a snap of a finger! Learning to take baby steps with them to walking down the aisle with someone else beside! Falling and standing up at that place called home; is it a feeling of falling apart for a new home? The smiling faces when you cried for the first time ever to them crying today when you try holding back yours! Was I living for this day or living by this day! Ever wondered to ask; how emerging of the cacoon felt? Moments of treasure; A walk to remember!
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