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  • How to train through a Heat Wave?
    Devika Pusalkar | 01-May-2019
      With the temperatures soaring to excruciating levels; it is natural to feel a bit sluggish and the motivation to stick to your fitness regime may be at an all time low. A few common sense adjustments to your training plan during a heat wave can keep you safe and yet on track to achieve your fitness goals.   Manage ambition and expectations  Staying on track doesn’t mean that you need to smash your personals bests in each session. On hot days especially; simple, gentle movements like stretching, stability/balancing exercises or a peaceful yoga session will be enough. So, if you aren’t able to deadlift your normal 100 kilograms - don’t sweat it! For those engaging in outdoor endurance sports like running - attempting your fastest 10K maybe best reserved for cooler days when you have a bit more bounce in your step.   Stay Hydrated A common sense advice that’s is easily overlooked is to stay hydrated. Hydration in this context means drinking enough water. Watch
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