Bhumika Chavda

  • Bhumika Chavda | 16-Jan-2017
    Better be prepared for what you are going to face, Because the world you are going to enter creates a judgement on every step; Because the world you are going to enter frets even on the name you get, They'll pull you down and down and further But remember this always That here I am as your fallback, That you don't need to care about what they say; Just make them fret more and make your way.  
  • Bhumika Chavda | 30-Jan-2017
    Do you know what love is? It's a dare. A dare that is hard to miss; but also hard to fulfill. Yes, it is a dare If you take it, you have to play And play with all your heart. Make a commitment and follow that path. But staying in that path  My friend, is an onerous task So dare yourself and upon the journey embark; proceed,  Because of your life, that's the most beautiful part indeed!
  • Bhumika Chavda | 23-Mar-2018
    Let's talk of friendship again; Let's talk of that trust again, Let's talk of what was left unsaid, Of what we wished we should have said, Of everything that remained incomplete like an open wound in this polluted air; Let's talk of that elixir that would heal what was left unattended, Of the abruption that came. May be someday you'll gather the courage to see what went wrong, Of that ego which came along. But till then, There would be no point of talking of that friendship again, Of talking of that trust again. So let's leave it at this, Where everything is open, everything unattended, Because we will never be friends again,  And I'll never trust again.     
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