abeer athar

  • abeer athar | 09-Jan-2017
      She wore that scars Like the sky wore stars Everyday her soul was murdered Entire life her expectations kept getting smothered   She was more deep from any vale profound But now, Alas! that fatal girl is now buried somewhere in the ground She believed someone, she were not suppose to. Her soul was dead many years before The day she was not one but they were two.     Somehow she managed herself to say I am fine with a fake smile But what used to happen , her memory got rewind. And then she always cried.   Just because of one, the one her better half She reached up high on the life sorrows graph.   Everyday in her life, the word pain was emphasized and then at last she decided to kiss death tight. and there her tolerance shouted out loud  And that fatal girl got away from this world's crowd........
  • abeer athar | 06-Feb-2017
    It was a chilly and  a rainy day  I was looking out of my window  My eyes suddenly saw a beautiful thing which was  at the ocean bay...  It was as pretty as a rose and pink as a lotus..  But still it was treated as a negro  People came across it but no one cared  for it..  Some people crushed it with their shoes so someone ignored.  But then also it was pretending to be happy  And the expectation that someone will come to  take it with him was on..  And then there came a high wave and the lonely flower was gone..  
  • abeer athar | 17-Feb-2017
    The canvas is your battlefield, brush is your weapon Your canvas steels everything from mind wherever it step in This battle in which you are  Is just for the world if eternal mirage  You are an impatient of conflicts, quarreling without any barrage Neither you accept reality nor you refuse it Living somewhere in utopia where you never quit Are you a god of luminosity? Lightening your world of tenebrosity Being a man of anonymous vision You are always asked the same question No matter once or thrice Listen you fake wise where is your Paradise? Is it of Pearl and gold or it's just silty But why you never tell? You,yes you innocent guilty...
    abeer athar | 01-Jul-2018
      and exactly there he was sitting  on the footpath that tribal child in exile and those turquoise blue eyes were like that they carried the whole universe inside his cold hands and colder spine shows he belonged to a paradise but was left over in this disguise and his blonde curls holding the unanswered question for this world and that amateur soul seemed to be quite unpacified those hands of an angel were bruised  those little fingers blocked his ears as if he was hiding from his fears his face indulged with innocence his eyes silently shouting for help and that poignant heart that was too young to hate but too terrified to love but what made me curious was that lad who is supposed to be afraid of dark laid motionless suspecious with that blood and those marks and all over him blood was spitting out and lying next to him was an army of dead bodies and their bodies sprinkled blood out as if they were dead from an hour or about and then the blast was heard but till
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