L’amour, Flânerie et Paris ! (Part 2)

By Manali Jobanputra in Stories » Fiction
Updated 17:49 IST Feb 13, 2017

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Fawad couldn’t watch her cry, he wiped away her tears and pressed his lips on her cheeks. She realized how special all this felt and that this was everything she had been looking for. Veronica looked at him and said ” I’m going to miss you tons ” to which he replied ” me too sweety! ” and they sipped the freshly brewed coffee.


Veronica returned to her room and got to packing and preparing to leave Paris. If only she could  pack him and the wonderful moments spent with him too !  The sun went down, packing was done and Veronica had her last few hours to absorb Paris ! She lay on the bed re-living each moment she had spent in the past few days, which was soon broken by a knock on the door.


She opened the door, and was taken by surprise. It was Fawad, all suited up, like he already wasn’t charming enough. The suit added to his charm and he looked stunning. Veronica gazed at him like a minion gazes at a banana. ” You’re lazing? Oh come on… Get dressed, it’s your last night in Paris and we are going to make it special ! ” he exclaimed.


Veronica picked out her favorite black dress and got dressed. He sat on the couch gazing at her, as she wore her make-up. She put on her gorgeous six-inch stilettos, turned around and stood with her hands on her waist as though a model. She looked exquisitely beautiful and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. ” Don’t you wanna go party, Mr. Lazy? ” she said with a wide smile. He stood up and they walked out together.


He took her to a private dinner on a cruise, it was the most romantic set up. With a backdrop of the Eiffel tower and city of lovers, below the stars in the middle of the Seine on a beautiful cruise they dined.  Two glasses of champagne and a lot of  cheese nibblets later, they walked towards the deck and admired the scenic view.


Veronica was lost in the absolute beauty of the world’s most romantic city and her eyes fixated on the city. Fawad came closer and stood right behind her, his right hand wrapped around her waist and with his left hand he slipped a delicate yet gorgeous diamond ring on her finger and whispered ” Je t’aime Veronica” .


Veronica couldn’t believe what had just happened, her heart was racing, cheeks blushing, and eyes filled with tears. Her happiness knew no bounds, she turned around and hugged him tightly. She looked up to him, smiled and said ” Je t’aime aussi” .


Veronica’s hope of finding her love in Paris had materialized and she felt like the happiest being on the planet. She was deeply in love with Fawad and the fact that he loved her back made her ecstatic. She thought she was the luckiest girl to have found him and this was the beautiful love story she had been awaiting all her life.



She had no idea what was coming her way, neither did she know that this happiness and ecstasy was going to soon come to an end. The curtains were soon going to rise, unveiling a storm of darkness, grief and  torment.


To be continued ……

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