• Best is yet to come..
    Team2dzign | 14-Oct-2019
    » Long
    One season has gone past me,I have been through the quest for joy,I am not assertive about the distance I have covered,So it’s the time to reckon, of the trail I have crossedTo start was the known lane,To choose between was stone path and green pastures,It was simple and easy to go for green pastures..To my amusement, it wasn’t so obviousMy illusion of having known it was fake !Suddenly transforming, it shattered my perceptionsLost I staggered, wandered...Too much lost in transition, but no delightful creation.Yes, there was a dawn of realization,Rifting apart, my thoughts got influencedI stood there for myself, seeing the bridge of my dreams and life flouting awayA huge sea poured in from nowhere separating me into two halvesI am still, pondering for the fate that slapped me so absurdlyWhy it took so long to comprehend the insanity of my ideas ?It wasn’t the insanity though; it was the apprehension of my surrounding which could not amalgamate this rebel,So, at this point, I stand, still con
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