• When the Wuhan nemesis came too close for comfort!
    Jyoti | 31-Jul-2020
    Being a doctor, I was aware that sooner or later I will have to face the enemy but the way the enemy crept upon me was a total shock. I was exercising regularly, eating healthy and taking all the precautions needed to keep the enemy at bay and even if I had to face the battlefield, I thought I would be ready mentally and physically. But I was not ready for the way I got pushed into the battlefield without a warning! I was on duty on Saturday and was looking forward for the Sunday off but on Sunday morning I woke up feeling feverish and lethargic. I measured the temperature which was not fever by medical definition. I thought it to be common flu as it was a long time since I suffered one so I went about my routine without any worry. Tuesday night I got a message that Saturday I had been in contact with a person who has tested positive for corona virus and all my sane thoughts flew out of the window. I panicked so much that I couldn’t think straight. I packed my bag ready to bolt out of the house in the
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  • sanchita | 21-Jun-2020
    An Ode to My Father. It was bright sunny morning. I was on my usual morning jog to fill my lungs with the fresh morning air. I could hear the soft chirping of the birds and could feel the bright sun. What a lovely morning to start the day with.While I was feeling the nature’s beauty I came across a six or seven year old boy being taught to ride a bicycle. He had blue coloured bicycle and the boy was with silky brown hair and red shorts and white t shirt.His father was middle aged man,neatly shaved in grey tracksuit. The memories of my childhood came gushing by when I was of around same age my father taught me to ride a bicycle. Like any other kid I too suffered many failed attempts. But my father taught me never to give up. He was a picture of patience. He was always besides me with his hand at the back of the bicycle seat again and again, as many times as I needed him to. I clearly remember the day I took off by myself I could feel the wind blowing on my face. So what, if I could not stop properly and
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    Deepak Bhansali | 25-Apr-2020
    They say beauty is a superficial aspect. Abs and zero figures don’t matter anymore. The perception of love has changed. But has it? What if the love of your life – say the most beautiful person in town – meets with an unfortunate accident and ends up impaired & crippled? Would you still love them the same? Let me take you through a true story. A story that redefined the meaning of love, commitment, and the relationship of a husband and a wife, teaching me a new, pure and loyal perception of love! Supriya was the prettiest girl in the entire college. A glamorous fashionista, her stunning beauty never left a head unturned. Suraj was the handsome heart throb of the college. Girls would die to date him. Implicitly both of them fell in love with each other, shattering the hearts of many. With an unchallengeable chemistry, they were perfect together! They dated for few years and once they set a strong foothold of their individual careers, they got married. Suraj was an entrepreneur and S
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    Deepak Bhansali | 01-Apr-2020
    The nation is completely locked down and I am home quarantined for a month. No office and not much work. So I wake up late, pass my day thinking what to do and end up doing nothing, watch movies or series till late night and sleep with no hope of waking up early. And repeat the same routine again. And again. Then one day, a few thoughts jumped into my mind. Why do I feel empty and clueless without office? Is my life limited to my work? Is earning money the only objective of my life? At this age, bounded with so many responsibilities and career ambitions, I would never get so much time away from the rat race of life, from the same old routine of running behind money and handling my responsibilities. This is my best chance to go back to my journey and re-visit the lost moments. God has given me the opportunity to repair, reconstruct, revive and restore things which knowingly or unknowingly got neglected or left untouched. So I started listing down the things, things which I always desired but could no
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  • 5 Lessons The Global Crisis Taught Me
    Diyaa | 29-Mar-2020
      With all the tragic things happening around the world as a result of coronavirus, it might sound strange to talk about being positive and looking at the brighter side of it. But that’s all I can see that would bring calm in our lives at this moment. It’s much needed now more than ever. From my personal experience of being a stay at home mom, these are few things I have learnt during this whole on-going lockdown period.     Fear isn’t Real   Our words have a lot of power. What we tell ourselves all day and even hear from around the world creates our reality. It’s ok to feel low but not stay in it long and brood over it. Yes there is going to be panic with the all the chaos that’s happening around the world but fear only reduces our ability to think. It’s proven that negative thinking affects our immunity levels which we need to reserve most at this moment. It’s ok to be aware of all that’s happening, take best precautions you can t
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  • Aditya | 22-Mar-2020
    It was day 4 of the course. By then I had overcome the fluctuating mental resolve, the ups and downs most students experience. The night before, one of the students had scaled the wall and ran away, unable to endure the process anymore. Not that we were not warned before. On day zero the teacher did brief us, “this course is like a surgery, once you commit to it, you have to go through it till the stitches are done, you cannot just abandon the process half way, with your mind opened up’’. Yet the fellow had run away, but I had managed to devise a strategy of my own. “Two test matches, back to back and one session at a time”, I had told myself. It helped me to break it down into smaller tasks and tackle it one at a time, allowing me small victories. So it was day 4 and having spent three days learning and practicing the Anapana technique, finally it was time to learn Vipassana. I was eager to know what the big deal was. I had heard stories about people discovering their chakras
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  • Slow down a bit!!!
    Jyoti | 13-Mar-2020
    In this fast-paced life, we are always running - sometimes away from certain things and sometimes towards certain things. Many a times we run on autopilot not even feeling the things we do. All this running in life ultimately takes a toll on our health. It took me many years and some not so good experiences to finally understand that I should stop running and reconsider my priorities. Our happiness is not in the material things but in the simple pleasures of life and at the end of the day peace of mind is of utmost importance. All other things are secondary. A hindi film song aptly describes the feeling – mushkil se zindagi ke rang haat aye hain. Gut feeling is also very significant, always keep in mind the vibes you get when you face a new situation – be a new place, new job or meeting someone new. Never ignore those vibes. Sometimes desperate times will force us to make certain decisions but they aren’t for the long run. We take bad decisions thinking we can manage everything but it is no
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  • Meditation - to tame a chaotic mind
    Jyoti | 13-Mar-2020
    In today’s hectic life everyone is so busy that it is difficult to find peace and tranquillity. We are so used to doing things all the time that we forget sitting idle and doing nothing for a few minutes daily is also good and helps us to recentre ourselves. All of us should practice meditation in our daily lives. When someone says meditation, we imagine it to be a difficult task done by only saints with saffron robes sitting on a mountain top but it is not so. Meditation can be practiced by anybody and in due course can be inculcated as a daily habit. Initially begin with 5 minutes of your time (ideally in the morning but anytime is good) Choose a room with proper ventilation and silent surroundings Sit in Sukhasana (if you cannot sit down, sit on a chair with your back straight) and close your eyes Take 5 to 6 deep breaths to centre yourself Try concentrating on your breath – breathe in and breathe out Don’t try to stop your thoughts, just be a passive observer to them as it is pr
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    Manasi Bhosale | 28-Jan-2020
    With the onset of the new decade, we are all excited to welcome a whole new era of interior design. Every decade is defined by its unique design trends that change and evolve. Some trends last for years whereas some only for a season. I have to admit - there are hits and misses… So here is some sweet nostalgia for you from the past few decades-   Do u remember how the 1990s saw furniture in pinewood (almost blonde in colour), huge tv/wall units, and the daunting use of poor quality artificial plants?   The 2000s were all about granite kitchens in black and white, that one accent wall in the living room (often in lime green or orange colour) and dark wooden furniture.   The trends from the 2010s that still warmly feature in our spaces are the neutral tones, open-concept floor plans, the shabby-chic concept, and rattan furniture. My favourite from the 2010s still being the popularity of maximalism: the more-is-more concept.    Come 2020 and you have probably read hordes
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  • Aditya | 12-Jan-2020
    Stereotyping has become a part of our life. More often than not we do it subconsciously and sometimes we do it knowingly. Either way, it has become difficult for us to accept things as they are. People, places, things, thoughts everything has to fall in this or that bucket and art is no exception. So which bucket do we put Chhappak in? Is it a tragedy? Is it a quest? Is it rebirth? Is it rags to riches? It can be anything or a bit of everything. Try and park the urge to assign a category, try and accept the film with a clean perspective without expecting cliché of the genre, only then there is a possibility that you will be able to see Chhappak for what it is. For it is just a story that needs to be told, as it is...! I came out of the theater obviously troubled, scared and concerned. But not once during the entire run time did I cry, and let me tell you I cry easily. Not once did I experience shock, not once did I felt like closing my eyes. There have been insensitive films where heinous crimes are
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  • Super structures
    Aditya | 07-Jan-2020
    The only election I ever contested was for being the class monitor in 10th standard, which I lost to a very good friend of mine. No shame in accepting that he was a better student in every way; polite, studious, humorous, friendly, good in sports and good in arts. Of course he was excellent in subjects and ranked in the top three. He was the better choice and our fellow students knew it and did well to vote for him. It did not matter what his name was, which caste and which religion he belonged to. All that mattered was competence. Oh and it didn’t matter whether the kid was a he or a she. A few years later some of us batch mates met for dinner, by then we were doing well with our respective careers and pursuits. Couple of drinks down and having indulged in nostalgia for a long time, the conversation slowly drifted to films, then to cricket and finally to politics. One of our friend who was connected with a political party took the lead and the conversation quickly turned unpleasant. He kept on talking
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  • Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?
    Manasi Bhosale | 19-Nov-2019
    Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?   An article I was reading the other day had a picture of a blue bowl with a wide, visible crack in it. This crack was reconstructed with “golden joinery”- the repairs were conspicuous but somehow appealing. The caption said- ‘Kintsugi: the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using (lacquer) resin laced with gold’. This age-old art embraces an object with all its damage and imperfections. It reconstructs and repairs broken ceramics to give them new life so that they become even more charismatic thanks to the “disfigurement”. These objects are not to be discarded but to be displayed with a feeling of pride- they do have a unique story to tell.   The craft has become a kind of anthem in recent times: with the hope that we all may be able to embrace our experiences positively and live with our “scars of gold”!   Kintsugi pottery is often seen as an artistic expression
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  • Helping Strangers...
    Jyoti | 01-Nov-2019
    On a very rainy July day, I was waiting at Lonawala railway station for my train to Pune. I had reservation in a late evening train but wanted to prepone my journey so I went at the reservation counter where I saw two elderly females of other country trying to talk to the clerk at the counter. Initially I just went about my way and started enquiring the clerk about my situation. While I was talking to the clerk, I understood that both the females needed help as they didn’t know the local language and the few people at the reservation counter did not understand/speak English. One of the females knew a little bit of English but the other one couldn’t speak it. So, I stepped in to help and got to know that both of them were strangers and it was their first visit to India. One was from France and the other one from Poland. One was having a large map of India with her and she just pointed a finger on the map to a place in south India and wanted to know about the trains going to that place. Obviously, t
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  • Lessons I Learnt When Life Jolted Me
    Diyaa | 15-Oct-2019
       Sitting with myself and gathering my thoughts was one of the best things I enjoyed doing alone until today. Now,  as I close my eyes, I don't find solace, rather this incident that happened with me a week back keeps flashing in front of my closed eyes and shakes me up making me all jittery.   It was a not-so-perfect rainy day wherein I sensed my life being jinxed with a lot of things going out of their way. Starting with delayed flights to my destination, which took almost twice as long to reach, to not getting my bags on arrival, it was just signs all the way for me to be more cautious. I went for an out station wedding with my family where my kids and my bags out of the whole lot hadn't arrived. We had to shop for each day in hope of receiving the bags later at the end of the day. Somehow they arrived one after the other and I didn't know whether to be grateful for it or just accept it after spending so much more on impromptu shopping for the wedding.    The day of the w
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  • Best is yet to come..
    Team2dzign | 14-Oct-2019
    » Long
    One season has gone past me,I have been through the quest for joy,I am not assertive about the distance I have covered,So it’s the time to reckon, of the trail I have crossedTo start was the known lane,To choose between was stone path and green pastures,It was simple and easy to go for green pastures..To my amusement, it wasn’t so obviousMy illusion of having known it was fake !Suddenly transforming, it shattered my perceptionsLost I staggered, wandered...Too much lost in transition, but no delightful creation.Yes, there was a dawn of realization,Rifting apart, my thoughts got influencedI stood there for myself, seeing the bridge of my dreams and life flouting awayA huge sea poured in from nowhere separating me into two halvesI am still, pondering for the fate that slapped me so absurdlyWhy it took so long to comprehend the insanity of my ideas ?It wasn’t the insanity though; it was the apprehension of my surrounding which could not amalgamate this rebel,So, at this point, I stand, still con
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  • Movies
    poorva94 | 27-Sep-2019
    So, I have been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember. The first movie I remember watching is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Like every girl in India, I instantly fell for Rahul, because he was the textbook heartthrob - good looks, a charming personality, and I-don't-care attitude. He was the right amount of a bad boy and also the kind that you can take home to your parents. It is safe to say, that after rewatching the movie in today's time, you can see that he was a total jerk and Anjali was better off with Aman who genuinely loved her for what she was, unlike Rahul who fell for his best friend only after she had a makeover. Anyway, my point is, movies influence us the most. It is the most powerful media of getting your content to the masses. Some people do take movies very seriously and forget that it is a story after all. Some might be based off of real life experiences but majority of the times, minor details are changed to appeal to the crowds or to protect the identities of whom the movie is based on. Not
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