At kalamwali.com, we are dedicatedly inclined to bring out the writer in you. Hence, if you feel you could do with little help, we are at your service. Kalam-o-Assist is our paid service to proof-read, edit or curate your literature before you can publish it.

It’s human nature to relentlessly seek betterment in everything we do. So with respect to that aspect, we offer the following paid services. Through this feature, you can give the writer in you a big boost.

  • Proof Reading: Sometimes, all we need is an approval. Hence, if you wish, we could proof read your work and suggest changes if necessary. Charges: 1/- per word.
  • Improving: Without changing the meaning or sentiment of your write up, we will improve upon it grammatically and in vocabulary, if need be. Charges: 2/- per word.
  • Content creation: If you have some ideas that need to be worded, send us a draft in bullet points and we will create a story out of it for you. Charge 3/- per word.
  • Freelancing: We also offer content related services which may not necessarily pertain to kalamwali.com. If you wish to avail these, simply reach us through the enquiry form.

These services are all word count based.

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