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By Aditya in Daily Musings
Updated 11:40 IST Mar 30, 2018

Yet another case where test cricket is a reflection of life. If we can learn something from the Newlands ball tampering episode, it is the “how” part of doing things. Be it business or a sport, in every walk of life we want to win. But it is of utmost importance as to “how” we win. Is winning at all cost that important and is it really that rewarding? The answer is all over the media. People over the years have sidelined core values in pursuit of business excellence. Is business excellence only to do with financial gains? Or is it also about earning and preserving pride? 

I have seen a lot of people in my previous organization coming from various backgrounds and cultures trying to infuse their individual ideas into the big picture. Diversity is important, innovation is appreciated, but it is not smart to play with core values which are acquired and established over a long journey, these values did not fall into the laps of the founders, these are hard earned..! And in the case of my ex. employer it is 175 plus years of doing sustainable and consistent business. I find it amusing, now in retrospect, when I remember people poking fun at these values.  

I don’t know if this is politically correct, but we do not have the moral right to preach about ethics and discipline unless we are a model of it ourselves. So its a good idea to keep quite rather than splash opinion all over the place and make a mockery of our collective identity. What is most appropriate is to learn, appreciate, practice and preserve these values in high esteem. Sports, business and life, it is all the same.

To begin with let us learn the “HOW” part once again, can we?  

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